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Who We Are?

Highly motivated team, dedicated to the development of sailing in Ohrid

Our Vision

To be leaders in the development of Nautical Tourism in R. Macedonia

Our Services

Organizing tours, courses, team-building activities and sailboat charters


We have special safety procedures because your safety is our primary obligation

Our Most Popular Tours

Our sailing tours will offer you an extraordinary experience throughout your stay in Ohrid. Join this sailing adventure and allow our experienced skippers to introduce you to the secrets of the sailing and the Ohrid Lake.

Latest News


Our Great Team

We are highly motivated people and experienced sailors who are passionate about sailing. Our commitment to friendly and professional services ensures that your vacation in Ohrid will be the best one you have ever had.

Slavcho Moshoski Manager and Skipper
Stefan Stavrev Safety Manager and Skipper
Petar PauncheSkipper and Photographer
Ivo IlinchevSkipper

Partners We Work With