Ohrid Match Race Cup

Ohrid Match Race Cup

What Is "Match Race"?

"Match Race" is a sailing competition between two identical sailboats. It is a one-on-one duel in which the two crews of each sailboat have a different strategy and tactics to achieve the ultimate goal, first to cross the finish line. The organizers fully provide the necessary equipment for the competition.

Aim of The Competition

Тhe aim of the competition is to increase the reputation of the sailing sport in the Republic of Macedonia and to be an active member of the social life, realizing cooperation with both, the public and private sector.

The provided funds will be used for purchase of rigid-inflatable motor boat (RIB), which will increase the safety of the participants in the sailing school during their training sessions and their appearance on the national as well as interenational competitions.

Participation in The Competition

“Ohrid Match Race Cup” is a competition between teams, whose crew members represent the company they work for. Total number od participants is 4 teams. Each team is made of 4 members:

  • 3 members who represent the company;
  • 1 member who is experienced sailor (skipper and team leader);

*There is participation fee

Format of The Competition

  • Type of sailboat: Humphreys H22;
  • Tournament: Two semi-final matches and a finale match;
  • Duration of a match: 3 days (1st day- Trainig&Team-Building, 2nd day- Racing, 3rd day-optional);
  • Location: Aquatica Yachting, beach Gorica 1, Ohrid, R. Macedonia;

Advertisement Space and Promotion

The event will have extensive media coverage and participating companies will have the opportunity to put their logo on the sailboat for the period of the competition and to have their own promo stand with promo materials on the location of the event.

All companies will be able to make a statement to the media for their experience of the competition.