Team Building

Team Building

Team building is more often used term in the modern way of doing business. Studies of economic experts for efficiency of individuals and work groups have proven that the increasing of the psychophysical abilities and satisfaction of employees, especially of the managers working under high stress, is necessary for improving business efficiency. Sailing is the perfect sport for team building because:

  • provides new, unique and exciting experience for participants;
  • crew members must collaborate together and build mutual trust, in order to steer the sailboat successfully;
  • a challenging situations may appear, that require quick thinking and appropriate reaction in order to deal successfully with the given circumstances;
  • effective communication and leadership skills are of essential meaning for the teams, in order to achieve the goals set by our professional instructors;
  • no previous experience needed and the sailing is available for all levels of fitness of the participants;

Program participants are divided in maximum group of 5 participants, including our skipper, on each of our exactly same, one design boats, allowing completion between groups and a lot of teamwork.

The complete program for this activity can be organized in accordance with your requests and your desires, or your company can be part of our Business Social Responsibility Events, like Ohrid Match Race Cup and Around Lake Race.